8 Reasons Why Custom Websites are Superior to AI-Generated Websites


The proliferation of artificial intelligence (AI) has had a substantial influence on a variety of different industries, including the design and development of websites. Right now, AI proliferation has extended so much that you can have a new website up and running in no time. This has raised the question should you pay a website developer for a custom website or just get an AI built website for next to nothing? 

To begin, it is necessary to have a basic understanding of artificial intelligence (AI) as well as the processes involved in web development. AI refers to a system that is capable of learning and carrying out activities that would normally require the intelligence of a human. On the other hand, a web developer is someone who has the skills to code or build a website using the information you give them and content management systems like WordPress. They can also help keep existing websites updated and maintained.

In recent years, AI technology has made significant strides. There are now numerous tools and platforms have been developed to facilitate the acceleration of web development. The process of developing websites can be made easier by using these technologies, which make use of algorithms, plugins, and automation.

Despite the progress that has been made in the technology, AI it is not yet capable of completely replacing web developers. Here are some reasons why we say so.


1. AI cannot comprehend your clients, organization, or brand

Artificial intelligence is unable to comprehend the nitty-gritty of your firm, its clients, or its brand in the same way that humans can. You are going to need the knowledge of a professional web developer to construct a website that is equipped with the functionalities that are required to effectively serve your audience.

Your website is a crucial marketing tool, and as such, it should be branded in a way that is distinctive to your company and effectively puts your business on the radar of potential clients. To compete effectively for clients in today’s oversaturated internet market, it is necessary to have a website that is specifically designed for your company. 

A good website designer will work with you to establish strategies to display your company and direct your customers to the next steps that will help you convert your website users into customers. Yes, AI is a great tool, but that’s what it is — a tool, not a replacement for a skilled website developer. 

AI vs Human


2. AI relies on existing data from previous projects

Websites designed by AI have inherent limitations in terms of the types of website projects they can develop. This is because it uses algorithms to assess and develop solutions based on data from past projects, which are frequently comparable to one another in terms of design, layout, and functionality.

However, a custom website is built to be exactly what you want. The website developer will assist you in integrating the website into your brand. Instead of just creating a website using templates like Wix and other site builders, a custom website uses parameters that you determine.


3. AI is unable to troubleshoot ongoing maintenance problems

The web development industry has been completely transformed by AI’s ability to increase both the speed and efficiency of the development process. AI, however, cannot still evaluate problems and then select the appropriate combination of resources to solve those problems. 

To maintain a website functioning normally, it is necessary to have a human web developer who is aware of when and how to make improvements to the website’s design, development, hosting, and other aspects. Keeping collaboration with a company that specializes in web development is essential for this very reason.


4. Custom Marketing Builds Your Name Recognition More Efficiently

Your website is an essential instrument in the expansion of your brand. Your audience becomes better acquainted with your mission through your website. This is an essential part of the marketing process, and it plays a significant role in determining how well you can acquire new consumers and keep the ones you already have.

For your website to properly represent your brand, a significant amount of personalization is required:

  • The colors have to be consistent with the colors of your brand
  • Your company’s emblem has to be displayed prominently
  • Your website content needs to explain your story in a way that is understandable, appealing, and convincing
  • Your company’s personality should be reflected in your design decisions, and they should also appeal to your ideal customers


With custom web design, you have the power to change any part of the website, which ensures that it will have a one-of-a-kind appearance that sets you apart from your competition. When you make an emotional connection with your audience through your website, you give yourself a powerful tool that will result in increased trust and devotion to your business. This will assist in converting more potential new clients, which will allow your company to flourish.

It is impossible to represent your brand and create a unique story with AI because they do not have that capability. Instead, the appearance of your website will be generic at best. If your website has a generic look, you are passing up a significant opportunity to form a more meaningful connection with the people who visit it.

Problem solving


5. Enhanced Capabilities

Custom websites provide you with more capabilities in several critically essential areas, including:


Great website design has never been more important as more people conduct internet searches using mobile devices. Your website needs to be formatted so that it displays correctly on desktop computers, tablets, and mobile devices. The majority of custom websites are developed using responsive design, which guarantees that your site will perform correctly on all of these devices. Because the vast majority of AI website options do not support responsive design, it will be difficult for your website to function appropriately on all platforms.

Easy navigation

The navigation on your website should take into account the requirements of your audience and make it simpler for them to locate the page they are looking for. Having a custom website gives you the flexibility to develop a navigation structure that is tailored specifically to your requirements. When you use a template for your website, you are restricted by the navigation hierarchy that the template provides.


Since dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of different websites are all housed on the same server, security is frequently a concern with template websites. If a hacker were to compromise any one of these websites, then every other website hosted on the server would be subject to the same security risk. Sites that are created specifically for an organization offer an increased level of protection against cyberattacks on your website.

Website security

Better Performance

AI-generated websites frequently have cumbersome plugins and features that make bloated websites, which in turn results in longer load times and bad performance. Websites that are created specifically for a business offer a more simplified solution that enables better website speed and website performance overall.


Compatibility is achieved by constructing bespoke websites in such a manner as to ensure that they function correctly on all of the most popular web browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. Because AI-generated websites are not created and tested across all of these platforms, users of certain browsers can run into issues while trying to view your website.


6. Optimizing Results for Search Engines

Another reason to get a custom website is that a custom website can dramatically boost your search engine optimization (SEO). It will be very difficult to achieve a high ranking in the search engines if you do not have a website that was developed with the best practices for SEO from scratch. This is something AI can’t do. Remember, SEO is very important for your website because your website won’t be a very helpful instrument for the expansion of your company if no one can find it and use it.

If you developed your website using outdated coding, which many AI tools use, it will be much more challenging to rank on the first page of Google search results. Furthermore, these websites typically have a poor loading speed, which has a detrimental impact on the outcomes of your SEO efforts. 

When you collaborate with a website developer that specializes in custom web development, your new website will be built using the best techniques for search engine optimization (SEO):

  • The most up-to-date coding will be used, which will guarantee that the website will load without any problems.
  • The navigation structure will be organized in a way that offers a positive experience to the end user.
  • Back-end optimization is a process that will be carried out across the entirety of the website by an SEO specialist to ensure that search engines are aware of which pages should rank highest for which keywords.
  • Custom website content will immediately meet the needs of your audience, which will increase your search rankings by strategically utilizing all keywords linked with a semantic search that are relevant to each page.
  • A better user experience on mobile devices is one of the most important ranking factors for Google and other search engines. Responsive design will improve this experience.


Website responsive design


7. Scalability

Your company is going to develop over time. When something like this occurs, you need to ensure that your website is flexible enough to meet the ever-evolving requirements of both your company and your clients. 

This may entail the following:


Even if you find a template website that satisfies your requirements at the moment, there is a possibility that it will not be able to expand and change along with your company. Because of the functional constraints connected with these websites, you will essentially be forced to stick with the structure you have in place, even if the requirements of your company alter over time.

You will have greater flexibility to add new features and make improvements to your site to expand it as your business grows if you have a custom website built for you.


8. Support

The technology employed in the creation and upkeep of websites is quite advanced. What it is not is perfect. Problems can occur, and when they do, prompt resolution is required to prevent a loss of website traffic or a drop in the site’s search engine rankings.

If an AI develops your website, you won’t have access to any kind of technical support if your website crashes, the pages on it don’t load properly, or any other kind of issue occurs.

Teams that specialize in custom web development offer comprehensive technical support to assist you in resolving issues as they crop up. You may carry on with the day-to-day operations of your company with the knowledge that the problem is being handled by a group of knowledgeable professionals.

Customer support



In the end, only a human can guarantee that you will receive a customized and effective website that is responsive to your needs and meets your expectations. There is no substitute for actually having a conversation with a person, exchanging ideas, asking about particular colors and doing other things like this to make sure that the web design you have genuinely reflects what it is that you are looking for. 

A human web designer, as opposed to an artificial intelligence system, can make sure that your website is fully customized and includes all of the features and extensions that you require.

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