The Link Between Marketing and Web Design


When building a website, the main things people tend to focus on are aesthetics and functionality. How the website looks will obviously make the viewer want to stay longer, and proper functionality makes it easy for the viewer to navigate and engage with the site. These are seen as the building blocks for a good website, which is true. But we are here to teach you about another great tool to help make your site even better!

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The link between web design and marketing is often ignored, and in most cases not an asset that many Durham web developers and designers acquire. After all, online marketing is a totally different subject than web design, so why should a web designer have any clue about marketing? Here’s why…


Conversion Optimized Websites are TWICE as Likely To See an Increase in Website Sales

What is a conversion optimized website?

A website that is built on a structured approach to increase the percentage of users who perform a desired action on the website. These actions can be anything from filling out a form or clicking a link, to clicking the ‘add to cart’ button and purchasing a product. This practice is known as conversion rate optimization.


Which Graphic Do You Think is Optimized for Conversions?

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How Your Web Designer Can Increase Your Conversions

Call to action: The call to action on your website must be designed CLEAR AND OBVIOUS. (Include photo comparison “buy now” button)

Colour: Colours have a lot to do with psychology, and since marketing and psychology are closely related, understanding what to use with your audience can be a major asset for your website!

Readability: Not all users will take the time to read all of the content on your site. Therefore people need to be able to scan over the content and make a determination about your brand. Achieving this can be done by using simple and professional fonts, optimal font size, spacing between paragraphs, etc. Learn more about the best types of content for your website here!

Responsiveness: Increases sales due to the fact that it is adaptable to the growing number of mobile consumers.

Utilizing a marketing approach for your website is always something to keep in mind when hiring a web developer and designer in Oshawa.

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