The Problem With Site Builders


In recent years, website builders have become an interest for many people. Often times startup companies do not have deep pockets and just want their website to look appealing. Millions of websites are running off of major site builders such as Squarespace, Wix, and Weebly. These allow non-technical users to build and design professional looking websites.

But before you make the same decision, here are a few of the major fallbacks when using site builders



Limited Functionality & Scaling

Imagine you have an online shop that sells products and services. You make most of your revenue on the services, but your industry has now taken a turn. You are now profiting more on your products, and your website must follow suit! Now you may want to integrate a new inventory control for each product, direct chat support, etc.

Some site builders do offer additional features, but there are many features that are not possible to add, and until the platform you’re using decides to upgrade their services, you are stuck where you are. What do you do then? The only option at that point is to have a web developer completely rebuild the website from scratch, which in many cases ends up happening. When your business changes, you’ll need to bring your website up to date too!


Negative Impact on SEO

Due to all the complex functionality that site builders operate on, they are known for their extremely large amounts code. This can really affect your website speed, and since your SEO rank is largely dependent on your site performance, this can cause a huge SEO disadvantage.

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The main reason why people choose website builders is because they are inexpensive, especially when you’re just starting up. But most people agree that any serious business owners should avoid these platforms because once you’re ready to get serious about your online presence, you will have to start over from square one.

Professional web developers in Durham understand the advantage to using an open source platform like WordPress to build out their clients websites. We suggest you hire a web designer in order to save your time and money and get it done right from the start.