Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Let’s talk about search engine optimization, often referred to as SEO. What is it? How does it work? And why could it be useful for your business? Many business owners just like yourself have wondered those same questions, and we are here to answer them for you!

In simple terms, search engine optimization is a marketing technique which improves where and how your website ranks on Google. This practice is extremely useful to a business that depends on web searches to gain clientele.


Here’s How SEO Can Affect Your Business

— Bob is an auto mechanic and owns a car shop in the city of Oshawa.

— George’s car broke down and he needs a mechanic, so he goes on Google and searches for “Oshawa auto mechanic.”

— Bob’s auto shop website displays at the top of the page, and naturally George clicked on the top option, becoming Bob’s new customer!




— If Bob’s website was displayed lower on the list, or even worse on the next page, it is much less likely that George would have found and clicked on Bob’s website.


FACT: When a user searches Google, studies show that 90% of users click on websites on page one!


The truth is you may have a high quality website, but if it is not showing up in the search results, how is it going to generate you business?

Many business owners overlook the fact that generating traffic to your site may very well make or break your business. Having a basic understanding of SEO can help you determine how it can be used to scale your business, and why it makes sense to invest in it as one of your primary marketing strategies.

Most people think that in order to get their site displaying within the top results, they just need to have a high quality website, one that looks good, has a CTA, and is fully functional. But the fact of the matter is, Google doesn’t determine where websites rank based only on the visual aspect of your site. Its algorithm is a lot more complex.

Google ranks your site based on a variety of factors. Some might think of it in a way that Google uses these factors to build a reputation for your site, and then will reward or penalize you based on how well you follow these guidelines.

Here are a few examples of Google’s ranking factors…

Website speed

– Responsiveness

– Site security

– Accessibility

– Domain age, url, and authority

– Page content optimization

– Links (internal, external, and outbound)

– Technical SEO techniques

– and many more…


By utilizing the concepts listed above in combination with countless additional SEO techniques and strategies, your website can be at the top! The problem is finding the right team to make it happen, and being able to trust that your success is in their best interest

Often times SEO companies will onboard clients regardless of if their website needs SEO. Find a company that can assure you the value they provide will benefit you. It is important for you as the client to understand if and how you can benefit from their services.

If you would like to learn more about how SEO could benefit your business, contact us today!