Facebook Ads revolutionized modern advertising. This pay per click (PPC) platform made it possible to target an audience based on specific demographic characteristics, more precisely than ever before. This allows its users (advertisers) to invest in a form of advertising that in simple terms… displays your ad directly in front of those who are the most likely to purchase your service and increase your website sales.

Here are some examples of the demographic options Facebook has to offer…


  • age
  • gender
  • language
  • location
  • marital status
  • education


  • specific pages liked
  • interests
  • behaviors (ex; purchase habits)
  • device type
  • spending methods
  • job title
  • home ownership
  • political beliefs


In order to create successful ad campaigns with Facebook, you must know how to test audiences and bring them to an effective landing page. Testing audiences is what will continue to narrow down your audience until it gets more precise, and more effective, generating you more income! Creating successful ad funnels is what will scale the traffic and conversions on your website.

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Facebook Ads